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Anatomy is basic to General Surgery. The Anatomy rotation allows the General Surgery resident the opportunity to review in-depth the areas of anatomy relevant to the practice of General Surgery. The Anatomy rotation includes cadaver dissection at the Anatomy Laboratory located in the Department of Anatomy (Basic Medical Sciences Building). The resident must report to the main office in the Department of Anatomy on the first day of the rotation for instructions and cadaver assignment.
Course description
AIM: The AIM of the Graduate Program in Anatomy is to prepare students for careers in research and teaching in the anatomical and life sciences, with emphasis on an integrative understanding of biological systems at levels ranging from the molecular to the organization mechanism. The goal is to generate anatomists who will be competitive in the academic, industrial, and/or government job markets of the coming decades.
1)The objective of  this course is to help students acquire the basic anatomical knowledge that   they will need to function as physicians and surgeons in various health sectors of the country.
2) To impart skills with the anatomical terms used in discussions among medical professionals.
3) During this dissection-based course, students learn the structure of the human body and how it relates to normal function.
4) Three-dimensional relationships are emphasized with medical images such as CT scans and MRI images along with X-ray.

Program Concentrations

  1. Gross Anatomy (dissection)
    1. Head & Neck
    2. Upper limb
    3. Thorax
    4. Abdomen & Pelvis
    5. Lower Limb
  1. Neuroscience.
  2. Histology.
  3. Embryological  and developmental anatomy


Course faculty:
DR.SUDHA CHHABRA, M.B.B.S.  M.D. (Professor & Head)
DR. Nivedita Pandey M.B.B.S., M.D.(Professor)
Mrs. REENU KUMARI, MSC Med. ANATOMY(Assistant Professor)
Dr. RAJESH KUMAR, MSC Med. ANATOMY(Assistant Professor)

At the end of training he/she should be able to integrate the causes of disease and relationship of different etiological factors (social, economic and environmental) that contribute to the natural history of diseases most prevalent in India.
(A) Lecture theatre: Common Lecture Theatre shared with other Departments
(B) Demonstration room: There shall be two demonstration rooms (77.09 Sq. mt.) fitted with Over Head Projector, to accommodate at least 80 students.
(C) Practical Laboratories for Histology/ (205 Sq.mt. area) and a preparation room (14 sq.mt. area).There are benches, fitted with shelves cupboards, sinks, water taps.  There are 80 microscopes (80monoculer, 15binoculer) for students to carry out exercises. Slide projector, Television Video and other audiovisual. Slide projector,  
(D) Dissection hall:- (385.83 sq.mt. area) with embalming room, fitted with sinks, water taps & available dissection table, embalming machine, handsaw, cutting machine, X-ray view box, Mortuary cooler, instrument & equipments, Wall Charts, benches, preserve tanks for cadavers  There are articulated & disarticulated bones.
(E) Museum: a museum (204 Sq.mt.) for wet specimens, charts, models with a sitting capacity of 40 students. All the wet specimens’ labeled with photoframe and 3 copies of catalogues for student are available and with preparation room.
(F) Departmental library-cum-seminar room:
There shall be a Departmental library-cum-seminar room (18.9 sq.m. area) with at least 99 books. However, more than two copies of anyone book shall be counted towards computation of the total number of books.
(G) Research: There shall be one research laboratory (53 Sq.m. area) for research purposes.
(H) Accommodation shall be provided for the staff as under, namely:

  1. Professor & Head of the Department- one room- (18.18 Sq.m.area);
  2. Professor/ -one room (15.79 Sq.m.area );
  3. Associate Professor  - One room (15.79 Sq.m area)
  4. Asstt. Professor/Lecturers-one room (25.09 Sq.m.area );
  5. Tutor/Demonstrators-one room (9.25 Sq.m.area )
  6. Department office cum Clerical room - one (12.21 Sq.m.area);
  7. Working accommodation for non-teaching staff – one room (33.92 sq.m. area)
  8. Artist Room- one room(23.45 sq.m. area)
  9. Store room one room (15.05 sq.m area)


All credentials must be sent to:
E-MAIL: anatomyncmch123@gmail.com
ADDRESS: Department of Anatomy,
N.C Medical College & Hospital,
Israna ,  Panipat  (HR)